Chris Butel is an award-winning Director, Cinematographer and Editor based in Sydney, Australia.

He has filmed projects in 6 Australian states and 10 countries including the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

Chris regularly collaborates with producers, cinematographers, gaffers, editors and motion graphics artists on a variety of creative projects for companies such as ITV, Qantas, Intel, Toshiba, GSK and Johnson and Johnson.

As a Cinematographer Chris has operated every modern digital cinema camera system including Canon, RED, Arri, Black Magic Cinema Cameras as well as several DSLR and mirroless cameras including the Canon 5D and Sony A7s.

As an editor Chris is highly experienced with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and AVID Media Composer, he is able to ingest, edit, colour grade and sound mix with programs such as Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, Media Encoder, DaVinci Resolve and a range of software plugins.

Chris is incredibly passionate about telling compelling stories and creating beautiful images, he is always looking for exciting new projects to work on.